Welcome to the Strangeland of Normal

What is Women in Strange Places actually “about”? Clearly, it’s not just a collection of stories. It’s a series of mirrors, up against my life and up against yours. Or your friend’s. Or that person you notice on the street that makes your day or fucks with your sleep later.

I love mystery, suspense, psychothriller, warped art, disjointed short films and oldschool film noir. I love psychoanalysis. I love not taking the straight line between A and B when it comes to understanding myself as a person and an artist; fucking with the path is half the fun.

I have a very cinematic mind, though I am not, by any stretch of the imagination a filmmaker, or even really a screenwriter (I should be, though). So for now, as I figure out how to get this show on the road, I’d like to open with UNKLE’s “Rabbit in Your Headlights” video. 

It’s the best description of the FULL definition of what Women in Strange Places: Stories means to me, and hopefully will come to mean to you: 


The embedding is disabled, sorry. 

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