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In Women in Strange Places: Stories, none of the women are physically described in terms of their race, accents, hair or skin color, etc., with the exception of Adrienne toward the end of the book. This is done for a reason. Given the theme or subject of the book, the look or shape  of a character in your mind will say a little (or maybe a lot) about what your perception is of someone who may “belong” in that situation. 

So now that we’ve been acquainted with Margaret, ask yourself — what did she look like to you?

Interestingly enough, MANY of the people who’ve read that story have seen Margaret as black.

Have you ever been treated differently because of your class?

The song “attached” to this story is Massive Attack’s “Special Cases”. Think about the images in the story with the song… runs like a movie. Spooky stuff. And very gritty:

A few opinions and facts on classism:

Your friend to the left.


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I am a writer and artist from New York City. I live in Oslo, Norway. I dedicate my work to promoting literacy, experimentation and expression, women's empowerment, and awareness against sexual violence. I do my best to do what my gut tells me at all times, and on weekends, I go dancing.

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