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Common Misconceptions About Survivors

5. We’re always drug addicts, suicides, haters of the gender of the person that committed the abuse, or end up working in the sex industry. 

4. We always end up in cycles of abusive relationships. 

3. We become gay.

2. We’re crazy, fragile people that need to be treated on equal par with mentally challenged people.

1. We become abusers.

What have you heard?

New resource link, with some statistics and information about the start of the recovery process: The Survivors Healing Center

About womeninstrangeplaces

I am a writer and artist from New York City. I live in Oslo, Norway. I dedicate my work to promoting literacy, experimentation and expression, women's empowerment, and awareness against sexual violence. I do my best to do what my gut tells me at all times, and on weekends, I go dancing.

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