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Survivor Success!

We made it through the terrible event(s). That’s instant success. It is, believe me. We are here, alive, and wanting to turn this history into a tool to help ourselves and others.

How to be a “successful survivor”? Constantly love and take care of yourself. What happened is NOT your fault. It takes many people who live with self-blame years to understand this, but it is the truth. Work toward it, if you are not there yet. YOU are your own best friend, and understand yourself best and live with yourself the most. YOU are an instrument of power. Believe these things, to the fullest degree. It takes time to — I KNOW — but it is the truth. 

The ramifications of sexual abuse work toward robbing us of our power, selves, self-worth and so much more. Recognize and believe that it is NOT a bad thing to like yourself and to do things for yourself. Understand and believe that you may not know how to care for or love yourself now because as a child you may not have been taught these things. But as the saying goes, it is never too late. Start today. Start right now. Be kind to yourself, patient with yourself, and love yourself.

Surround yourself with healthy influences. Good friends, good habits, good surroundings.

I define Success as not finishing what my father tried to start in me: a continuation of his own cycle of self-hatred, anger, shame and more; things that were never mine to inherit. I am creative, powerful, beautiful and driven woman, and every day I am working toward complete ownership of myself and my life through seeking good friends, creating things to help others, and being an empath and a friend to my fellow beings on this earth.

What else can you think of to pave the way toward Success? What do you define as Success?

About womeninstrangeplaces

I am a writer and artist from New York City. I live in Oslo, Norway. I dedicate my work to promoting literacy, experimentation and expression, women's empowerment, and awareness against sexual violence. I do my best to do what my gut tells me at all times, and on weekends, I go dancing.

One response to “Survivor Success!

  1. kerro ⋅

    This is a great question, thank you again. Very thought provoking.

    Success for me is actually living up to my potential – no longer being held back by all the damaging, negative, hurtful things my father brainwashed me with, and I keep repeating on myself.

    Trouble is, I can’t quite see what’s going to pave the way yet. Therapy? Yes. My own work? Yes. Some magical ingredient I haven’t yet found? Probably not, but I won’t give up hope! 🙂

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