Thrustworthy information.

Has your mouth gone agape yet today, with shock, surprise or desire? Or all three?


Well come here honey, your tongue needs more oxygen.

Why why why, Sex? WHY?

What sexual ANYTHING would be complete without Mr. Dan Savage? In the article, “237 Reasons to Have Sex — Some Good, Some Not So Good” featured in The Stranger, Dan gives us the results of a UT Austin study in which the researchers asked participants WHY they had sex. Topping the list is heat of the moment and boredom. Also in the list is wanting to conceive, wanting to lose viriginity, and so on. It’s pretty interesting. There’s also a link from which you can download all the results in a Word document … if you’re into that sorta thing. 

I’m Sure a Clapper-attachment Will Be Sold with This One Soon…. 

It’s the Orgasmatron. I guess I’m late as balls to the party on this one but it sounds like a nifty idea no?

When They Said A Woman’s Body’s Got a Mind of Its Own … they weren’t whistlin’ dixie…

I felt a little weird being a woman and not knowing this but apparently, when a woman orgasms, the cervix dips downward into the vagina. There’s kind of like a dip-and-suck motion going on to get as much semen inside as possible when it’s there … evolution, my friends. Here’s a woman’s link describing it in some SERIOUS MOTHERFUCKING DETAIL. There’s pictures. Just sayin’.

Sex and Health

See? I wasn’t lying — it’s good for your body. In this article, Felice Dunas tells us about the emotional and mental conversation that happens between people having sex. It’s real, sheer, total, open exploration. Enjoy. 

Fakin’ It

Everyone’s done it — faked an orgasm. Sometimes it’s because you don’t wanna hurt your partner’s feelings; or you want them to get off on you getting off cuz you’re tired and you want them to finish already; or you plain just don’t care and want things to sound good — or whatever your reason is. This article talks about the big fat misconception that guys always cum. Not the case at all, they say. Some of the stuff is kind of common sense. Some is pretty interesting. I’m just here to help. If you’re gonna fake it — at least do it in style. 


I’d love to know what the hell group of people conducted this experiment. “Wealthy Men Make Women Orgasm More” . Come the fuck on. Any woman that gets off on a dude purely because he’s got cash needs to revise herself as a woman. Full the fuck stop. In tomorrow’s post I’m going to talk more about social status and sex. But for tonight I’ll let your rage and mine combine and do the talking. There are many of us women out there who are NOT some variant of gold diggers. Men that turn me on are loaded in the brain and in their health. That’s that. 

What do you think?

And finally … the big two questions of the day, lain side by side like testicles.

1. Are blue balls real? I’ve heard from men that it’s a real thing. I’ve heard from men that it’s bullshit. What do you think?

2. Does size matter? As your humble presenter, I shall impart my opinion:


Why: It’s more girth than length really, but every woman has a part in her vagina that needs to be stimulated or touched during sex that brings that feeling of physical fulfillment. It varies in location. For some women it’s deep inside, for others, not-so-deep. It’s a really frustrating thing to have sex with someone who’s too “short” … your body REALLY wants something that just isn’t there. Kind of like when you find your favorite thing in your favorite store, on sale cuz they’re going outta business, and it costs $5, and you find yourself at the checkout line, thing in your hand — with only $4.98. 


Tomorrow: sex and status, gender roles and “American Sex”.