sensualists and aural sex — of sorts.


nympho – term often used for a sex-obsessed woman. 

blowjob – fellatio; dick-sucking.

autoerotic asphyxiation – suffocating oneself during masturbation to intensify orgasm.

sex surrogate – a counselor who helps people solve their sexual problems by having sex with them.

smurf – when a man slaps his partner(s) in the face with his dick

paraphilia – sexual obsession, usually with an object or act. See also objectum sexuals and mechaphiles for some VERY interesting paraphilia acticities.

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Thanks to the folks at Sex Dictionary. 

Gender Roles

For some people, checking that little box on applications and some website data forms that ask if you’re “male” or “female” is a taxing experience, for myriad reasons. I tend to be annoyed with the example I just gave, where “male” is always placed as the first option. Some people get frustrated with it because they don’t identify with either gender, consider themselves to have no gender, or possess one gender’s features/voice/mannerisms while feeling and believing quite clearly that they are the opposite gender. There’s all sorts of stuff in between. Our fascination with gender role and expectation in modern society is a deep one. For this blog entry, I’m just going to keep it to sex play. I’ll let Wikipedia do some of the basic  explaining on gender roles.

An interesting article on the issue of gender and gender roles is on Melted Dreams and talks about there being more than one gender, and the differences between “sex” and “gender”. Interesting, intelligent and digestible writing on the topic.

I miss gender roles being challenged more in media. Aside from the stovepipe-legged hipster. No no, not American Apparel-endorsed androgyny… oldschool shit like Grace Jones.

An article that recently irritated the shit out of me was “Why Are Women Leaving Men for Other Women?” from, which I think, if anything, does some work to support the: a) never-ending fantasies of straight men; b) encourages an idea that women are built to be sexually accessible regardless of the person that approaches them; and c) should really — and I don’t care that it’s — look at the whole issue here, and address that men are also sexually dynamic and have breadth and depth to their experience as well. The article suggests a connection with sexuality that is inherent and easily warpable in women.


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The song this article reminds me of is Berlin’s “Sex”. Don’t know it? Love it? Wanna hear it? Here it goes …


Aural Sex – Bonus Reading

I usually only read once from a story. Why not do two, since people have been so happy to check out the first sex vid

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Your friend to the left … 

Strangebreak! Miss Felix Cane

Schooling us on the art (yes, art) of pole dancing, Felix Cane. She makes herself look as if she weighs 3 oz. Absolutely beautiful. And the song is fucking bitchin’. 


Later today: sexionary and gender roles, with a little “Bonus Reading” from yours truly. Ooh ooh ooh…. Guess what I’ll be reading from? It’s from a section deep in the story. Come back and find out.