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Maggie Estep

I’ve really not been much of a “fuck men” type of woman most of my life. The common stereotype (sadly) is that women think of men as idiots or that they need to be “trained” like dogs or something. I like acknowledging the differences between genders and such, even the annoying ones, and I really do like men.

But hot damn do I ever hate the guys who seem to have no ears. Only horny eyes, small cocks and all the persistence of the sperm they carry in their malformed nuts, that hit on you on the street.

One of the first videos I saw that was a good tongue and cheeky cranky take on the whole thing is this one, “Hey Baby” by Maggie Estep. One of my fierce NY/NJ poets who I guess randomly had a band at one point. She did her best work doing the megacreepy readings over the brilliant Recoil tracks Recoil’s “Unsound Methods” is a PHENOMENAL fucking album. Do check it out if you like smoky triphoppy stuff with crazy spoken word and singing. Done by Alan Wilder, the man who should NOT HAVE LEFT Depeche Mode.

I’m going back to bed now.


About womeninstrangeplaces

I am a writer and artist from New York City. I live in Oslo, Norway. I dedicate my work to promoting literacy, experimentation and expression, women's empowerment, and awareness against sexual violence. I do my best to do what my gut tells me at all times, and on weekends, I go dancing.

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