“She’s Got Raisins” Takes a Different Meaning

Remember the SunMaid girl? Yes, the friendly Amish-looking one on the boxes of raisins.  She looked like this:

This is her now:

According to yet another badly written Yahoo! article on the change, the new image wants to be used in new product advertisements yet they want to keep the original “homely” girl the same too. The new version would do the things modern women do, like, grocery shopping. And going to the gym. And speaking foreign languages. What?

Yes among the 50,000 other things we usually have to do every day too. If you really want to use the cover of your box to promote health and nutrition, swap it around and put a “healthy guy” on it. Ah but men are seldom pictures of health and radiance right? Or don’t put anyone on it at all, since the selection will invariably be a thin white person of varying hair colors. Give your nutritional contents and that’s it. Because at this point, stereotypes aside, I haven’t learned a thing about how this box of raisins can help me make a healthier choice. The more I look at ads, more than I have in the past when I worked in advertising, and did ad analysis for classes in school, I see just really how far the rabbit hole goes on this “media fact”: skinny and big tits will always be healthy. No matter how you get there.

May be I’m analyzing this too far. I do that. But really. What do you think?