The Bitch is Back…

Hi friends — if I still have any on this site — and hello to the strangers who tumble onto this blog taking some shelter from the netstorm.

What the fuck happened?

I got married, for starters heheh. I got engaged in 2009 as some of you may remember, and moved to Norway in June 2010. I’ve been playing the get-settled game since then. I’m now working freelance as an editor and translator, proofer, writer, and all things Adobe-er. Building a client base has been slow, but the few I do have are fantastic and well known in their fields. I’m primarily working for people in the film and advertising industries.

I had a very affecting experience last year on the woman front, so to speak. I had ovarian surgery, my very first surgery as well, and it all brought me to a very compelling and occasionally scary place in my own personal evolution. The experience of being anesthetized alone is worth a thousand blog entries. But anyway, all is well, I am in good health again, married life is good.

I am working on new material for two projects and looking for full time work. This is pretty much my day these days.