Women in Art – Tilda Swinton

I’ve been a fan of hers for years. Always striking, often defies gender and even sometimes human appearance, and she’s talented as hell. W Magazine just did a kickass piece on her, full of some sensational photography. Always challenging what “woman” is, and playing with the lines of alienation, popularity and just plain “cool”, it’s Tilda Swinton.

Click here for W Magazine spread.

Featured Woman in Art – iamamiwhoami

Now that I’m in Scandinavia I’ve come into contact with some killer art and music that unfortunately never seems to make it across the ocean to the states, where the pop culture scene is slowly turning into a Jerry Lewis telethon desperately calling for help in the originality department. ESPECIALLY when it comes to women artists. Frankly I’m tired of hearing about life “in the club” and demands to be yourself when you can’t tell the singer from the H&M-on-acid clad dancers, with the exception of a little more tits or a little more synthetic hair shown.

Thank God for iamamiwhoami, fronted by Jonna Lee. My best friend Sarah got me into her not 24 hours ago and I can’t stop listening and re-listening and re-watching. The videos are noted for their abstract concepts, seriously hauntng images, their use of animals, numeric codes and spookily lone letters as titles. My favorite one at the moment is the increasingly melodic, frenetic and fairy-esque “t”. The video makes me think of Anton Corbijn with color and more estrogen. She’s my new favorite artist and featured Woman in Art.

I welcome all suggestions for featured women in art, the stranger, the better. I will plug the hell out of them here. Just message me!