About Me

I am a writer from New York City. I now live in Oslo, Norway. I write, edit, translate and design creative things for creative people.

My dedication to the continued empowerment of women is to push awareness of the equality of ability, emotion, creativity and drive that is present for people of all genders.

I am an author and scriptwriter, mainly focused on the psychological thriller/urban fable/abstract what! genre If you like that kind of thing, preview and buy Women in Strange Places: Stories, dark stories with lessons of light. More information on my upcoming books will be posted as it becomes available.

I am happy to know that many people that view my videos on my WISP channel enjoy the excerpt readings and my reading style. As a performance artist and reader I am always glad to collaborate with artists, organizations, companies, independent artists and/or collaboratives. Please contact me if you have an idea in mind: strangewomen@yahoo.com

Thank you.


One response to “About Me

  1. Sar ⋅

    Hey Celeste,
    I just wanted to say mucho gracias for finding, visiting and commenting on my little blog. Thank you, most especially, for adding it to your Blogroll- I shall return the favour.
    Keep writing and doing your thing- I dig it!
    Many thanks again and I hope we chatter more.

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