the taming of the broad: women in art

Kat Laranger’s princess series works are unstoppably haunting. Check these out. Her quote on her work is wonderful:

“The idea that women should be clean and small and mutable really speaks to me of the power they must have. Women are fleshy, walking, talking, human-making machines, and all things fertile are also dirty, bloody, and open. There is no privacy in womanhood, and that idea is not always an easy thing to deal with.”

Strangebreak!: interview with Nicole Blackman

One of my fave poets from back home. She talks about art, music, women’s issues and more. 

The rest of this week’s blog fell off mainly because I’ve hit a point now where I want to celebrate life and talk about its aspects … dwelling on death was a bit much for me.

Tomorrow: Nine Weeks of Strange, Week 4 kicks off with a raunchy reading from “The Distance Between Here and Space”. All this week will be about sex, sexual positions, safety and awareness, kink, gender roles, the works. 

Don’t miss it!