Girls in Gangland

Why Gangs?

Gang mentality has often fascinated me. Not in the fascination of interest but the fascination of confusion. Why on earth would someone do that? And for what? To simply prove loyalty?

Well of course, there is so much more behind it. The need for family, belonging and security are profound human needs and everyone in this world craves them. No one likes to be alone. To many, bad company is better than none. Many people¬†(many do, not all)¬†who go into gangs come from poor economic backgrounds with a dysfunctional household. For women, it works the same way as it does for men who join gangs — they want security, a sense of familial belonging, and some source of excitement that breaks the rules. Something that proves their “hardness”. The “Gangs Or Us” features some very interesting information on why women go in, what they sometimes have to do to “jump in” or “jump out”, and features a documentary on the subject as well.

The Violent Woman

What many people, to this day, still have trouble swallowing is that women are capable of destruction to the same point as men are. Violence is not gender-specific. For a long time, and also to this day, people have a hard time understanding that women can also rape. An interesting article from South Africa here, about a group of women going around randomly raping men.