Nine Weeks of Strange.

Women in Strange Places: Stories started with the short story “Playing Pretend”. I wrote it for a course on fiction writing I was taking in the spring of 2007 with the Gotham Writers Workshop crew.  I was strapped for an idea, and the story was due in 3 days. At the time, I was working at Greenburger, and I had the habit of going for long walks after work. I ended up way out beyond the Village and into Central Park, where I saw this dark mini-limousine pull out from the garage of one of the lovely apartment buildings on the Upper East Side. For some reason, the way the car and the driver emerged from that secretive looking garage struck me. I walked back downtown, to a diner on Lexington Avenue, where I overheard to old men in the booth behind me talking about women they used to know.

I was in the shower the next day when the book’s title came to me. The rest was just obsession. I did abandon the idea for nearly a year before I touched it again, in May 2008, when I wrote the popular story “Swim”.

I don’t consider these formal stories because their structure is very different than the “standard” story structure. These are just places in my head, or dreams I wanted to sit with a little more, or plain old overheard conversations. 

What also heavily influenced the writing of almost the entire book are two songs by Massive Attack: “Special Cases” and “Butterfly Caught“.

Stay tuned, especially for the next 9 weeks. There are 9 stories in this book. Each week, starting tomorrow,  I’ll be discussing one of them and giving you some related recommendation, news, sites, links, videos, and God knows what else I’ll be digging up. And please, let me know what you’ve got to recommend too.

In the meantime, do meet me via vid: Celeste Ramos

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