Strangebreak!: Alice and her hole

What they never tell you about Alice

And her hole

Is that she ran hard into every mirror possible

On purpose. To be alone.


And she said


I always want life before surprises …

I want to be ignorant before the moment of truth again

I want to have no hope

only to be restoked

resatisfied and reoverjoyed again


I don’t like the other side of the hill

the full-view from the top that has no shadows

no bends tricks or turns


I want to not know and then suddenly know

for the sky to beam and make my heart glow and then

all is revealed, just briefly

before I start the march again.


Back through shadow, running under sun.

Happily, marvelously


(c) Celeste Ramos, 2009

from Women in Strange Places: Stories

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An interesting sale…

Yesterday I was at a picnic with my friend and met some of her friends. One woman in the group looked at my book (I always have a copy with me) and got sucked in right in front of me. It was interesting to watch! She ended up reading a whole story right then and there and is buying the book.

People like it, I’m happy to say. A lot of people have talked to me about the different meanings they’ve seen in it and, most importantly for me, the things they’ve thought about with regard to their own life, when considering these themes.

Wrapped up in an “innocuous” suspense book, there’s a whole lotta shakin’ going on. 

Women in Strange Places: Stories